LBarW Aussie Ranch


Welcome to LBarW Aussie Ranch

Located just east of Madisonville Texas, LbarW Aussie Ranch is a small breeding operation built from carefully selected mini and small standard Australian Shepherds. Our dogs are chosen for their champion bloodlines, conformation and temperament.

We love our dogs and raise healthy, happy puppies that adjust quickly and thrive in their new homes.

I am proud of the beautiful team of aussies we have assembled and the amazing puppies they are producing.

I hope you enjoy meeting them as you browse our website! Thank you for stopping by and hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely,  Lisa Webb

What to expect when you buy from LbarW


From the moment you commit to a puppy by putting down a deposit, you will be sent puppy updates about the wellbeing of your puppy through texts and pictures.

You will receive a Welcome to LbarW email and a Puppy Prep letter so that you can begin to prepare for the day you bring your baby home.  I welcome phone calls and questions during that time.

At eight weeks of age, your puppy will be bathed and ready to travel!  You will receive a puppy folder that includes vet records, worming schedule, and a to do list with your vet when you get your puppy home.
You will also get a puppy care package that will include a toy, blanket, treats, supply of current puppy food, collapsible bowl, a bottle of water and puppy pads for safe travels.  The remainder of your balance will be paid on or before this date.

I would like to dedicate this space to our beloved Josey. 

Josey helped raise my kids and comforted them when they needed it. 

Josey loved to go with us wherever we went.  We took her on a bucket list trip with us to the Guadeloupe river where she rode in canoes with us and hung out by the camp fire.  Everyone loved her!  She had a great time even though she didn’t feel her best.  She was just happy to be with us. 

She was the smartest, kindest dog ever and now rests under the huge oak tree behind our house after losing her battle with cancer.   Her collar and tags hang in my dog house now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are your dogs/puppies?

My adult dogs range from 15-18 1/2” so puppies should fall in that range. 

How often do you have puppies?

I usually have 4-6 litters a year so if I don’t have puppies there are usually some on the way. 

How much do you puppies cost?

Cost varies based on coat color and eye color.  Prices range from $1,000-$2,000 pet price.  All my puppies come from champion bloodlines and have great conformation. 

How much are breeding rights?

Breeding rights are $500.

How old are your puppies when they can go to their new homes?

8 weeks

How are you dogs registered?

All except one are both AKC and ASDR registered. Marcy is only ASDR. 

Are your dogs high energy?

I only have one that I consider high energy and she is fine in the house. She just plays with her toys.  The others are medium drive, playful, sweet and loving.


Denise C.

We HIGHLY recommend L bar W Aussie Ranch!  Best decision we ever made!
We knew we were wanting to add a Mini Aussie to our lil fur family and we looked for quiet sometime until the hubs found L Bar W Aussie Ranch. 

My husband made the first call and then had me call and talk with Lisa.  After the call ended, I KNEW we were going to get one of her puppies.

She takes pride in what she does and the love and care is so easily seen.  She made me feel right at home!  She genuinely loves what she is doing and you can hear that in any conversation you have with her.  I cannot express enough just how appreciative I am for her always taking the time to talk with me when I have a question.

We had an overall great experience in welcoming our new fur baby into the family! Lisa is wonderful, breed knowledgeable, and is available for any questions you may have. Sophie has such a sweet old soul kindness about her and has been a wonderful addition and blessing to our family.  What are you waiting for?  Give her a call.  It will be one of the best decisions you will make!!!


Thank you to the best breeder for giving me the best one year old Aussie!